LED Daytime Running Lights — Do You Need Them?

LED Daytime Running Lights — Do You Need Them?

This is a new addition to car lighting having only been introduced in the 70s. But what exactly are LED Daytime Running Lights? Well, they are LED lights that turn on whenever the engine of your car is running. Their main purpose is to increase the vehicle's visibility to other road users.

While your vehicle is well illuminated during the night by the bright headlights and tail lights, this is not to say that you do not need extra lighting during the day. LED daytime running lights may not be as bright as the headlights and tail lights but they do play their role in making sure you remain seen.

Imagine a snowy day where you cannot see very far ahead of you when driving. Anything that could make you aware of an approaching vehicle would be of great help. Daytime running lights have been shown to reduce the number of accidents especially in countries that experience such cold weather.

And cold weather is not the only time that they prove useful. During the early evenings when the light is fading fast, and right before darkness sets in, LED daytime running lights will allow motorists to see you in good time which plays its part in preventing accidents.

LED Daytime Running Lights - 1156 LED Replacement Bulbs

Unlike with the headlights, you do not need to control the DRLs. While it does depend on the manufacturer and the model of the vehicle, they will mainly turn on when the car engine starts to run. Some car models will have them turn on when the vehicle is in first gear. Regardless of the method of operation, they all manage to serve their purpose.

And when it’s time to turn on the headlights, the DRLs will automatically dim or turn off. There have been instances where certain countries advocate for them not being installed in the car. However, over time, most countries have recognized their importance and some will issue fines to drivers whose vehicles lack DRLs.

Daytime running lights also make the car look sleek and pleasing to look at. They give off a feel of advanced technology, style, and elegance. With all the great benefits of daytime running lights coupled with the fact that they make your car stand out, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have them installed in your vehicle.

Installing LED headlights may be simple, but LED DRLs require a bit more maneuvering. It is, therefore, a good idea to seek the assistance of a qualified auto-electrician. There may be some concerns amongst drivers about extra lights increasing fuel consumption, but the great news is LEDs use minimal charge which means you will not have to worry about a spike in fuel costs.

One thing is for sure, the sooner road users can see another approaching vehicle the more time they have to make a quick decision on how to best stay out of its way. In this way LED daytime running lights helps to reduce the rates of accidents while making the vehicle look cool!

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