Map Light LED Bulbs

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Map Light LED Replacement Bulbs

These high-power map light LED bulbs have several utilities on a vehicle. They are used for turn signals, back up lights, and emergency lights. The bulbs may show and a message will appear on your dashboard. In this case, we have a solution. You just have to install either a resistor for each bulb or a decoder (depending on the vehicle model).

This type of light is usually used by passengers. When it comes to driving a car, it is possible that the passenger needs light for various reasons. The base bulb found in the vehicle does not illuminate well with its dull yellowish light. We advise you to change these original bulbs without performance for LED bulbs. By opting for new lights, your passengers will no longer need to use another light source such as a cell phone flashlight. The LED bulbs will offer you a powerful and bright white light that will provide greater visibility inside your vehicle.


  • Color: white (6000K)
  • Power Consumption: 30W
  • Maximum luminous intensity: 720 lumens
  • Light Output: 360˚
  • LED Type: LED Chip 6x
  • Product code: A