Why Switchback LED Are a Good Idea

Why Switchback LED Are a Good Idea

When you are on the road driving to your destination, the most important thing is your safety as well as the safety of other motorists. One of the ways that you can ensure this is signaling when you want to make a turn.

Technology has continued to evolve and now you can be seen that much better with the use of Switchback LED Lights. But what exactly are these and how do they improve your driving and safety on the road?

LED Switchbacks take signal lights to the next level. They come with dual filaments that allow you to change between two light shades— amber as well as xenon white. Compare this to the halogen turn signal bulbs that we are all used to. They allow you to change from low-intensity parking lights to high-intensity lights.

The high-intensity results in a stronger beam of light and the low-intensity results in a dimmer light. LED switchback turn signal lights operate under the same idea. However, since it doesn’t use filaments, instead of providing a dimmer light, it simply switches to a different color.

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LED switchbacks are available for any type of vehicle whether it’s a truck, RV or SUV. To switch to the parking lights, you will get a white color and when you want to engage the turn signal, the color will change to amber. Once you have made the turn the amber simply switches back to the xenon white for your daytime running lights.

By being able to change from a xenon white color to amber color for your turn signals, you are much more noticeable by other motorists. This is especially so with the driver who is in front of you as you come up close behind them.

The more other motorists can notify you when you are on the road, the better and safer it is for everyone. The risks of collisions and injuries caused by accidents are greatly minimized. The next time your incandescent bulb needs replacement, while a good option is to change to LEDs, you might just want to go a step further and get LED switchbacks.

Keep in mind that you will need load resistors for the proper functioning of the LED switchbacks. This allows them to blink in an amber-off amber-off pattern when the headlights have been turned off and to xenon white when the turn signals are off.

Another great benefit of using LED switchbacks is that they provide a stylish look to your car making you stand out from the crowd. Everyone wants to feel unique and this is definitely one of the ways to make that happen. What’s more, it doesn’t matter what model of car you are driving, you can always find something that works for you.

There are other different types of LED switchbacks such as LED strips. These are also road legal as they provide the right shade of xenon white and amber while also making your car look brilliant on the road.

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