The Patriot Campers X1-N Desert Ops

Have you ever gone on a camping trip in a pop-up camper? It’s a totally different experience compared to other kinds of camping.

With the pop-up camper, you can bring along a lot of comforts and luxuries that you could never carry in a simple backpack.

Today, we want to highlight the X1-N — a brand-new release from Patriot Campers, an Australia-based maker of camper trailers.

The all-new X1-N features the company’s patented mounting platform that lets you carry whatever you need to make your outdoor adventure a hit.

Bring along bags, bikes, kayaks, tents — even add additional storage capacity.

This camper measures 12 feet long by six feet wide, and it packs a lot into a small space. You can even fit a 40-gallon water tank underneath the camper!

Does the X1-N sound like a good fit for your outdoor needs?

Watch the video below to see for yourself what else you can expect from the X1-N:

Good luck!
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