3 Types of Headlights for your Car

3 Types of Headlights for your Car

A headlight can be referred to as a strong light at the front of a car. You can also call it, a beam of light that enables you to see while driving in darkness. Headlights can be complicated to understand but they are worth understanding the way around them in case you ever find yourself in need to replace a blown lamp. 

Mostly, headlights consist of a dipped beam, a sidelight and in most scenarios an indicator that is commonly orange in color. Depending on the model and year of production for your car, you can also have daytime running lights (DRL). These DRLs are normally designed to come on each time the engine is on. 

There are also car models with cornering lights. Just as the name proposes, these lights come on wherever you turn the car wheels. If you are a car owner or a car enthusiast, it's really worth that you familiarize yourself with these things. You can find more details about car lighting here: https://www.carlightingdistrict.com/. There are three categories of headlight bulbs and it's not rare to find a single headlight housing different types of bulbs.

Filament/Halogen Bulbs

Halogen Headlights

Years ago, filament bulbs were used as main bulbs in all headlights. These bulbs work similarly as a typical household lamp where a very thin metal filament is heated with an electric current. Mostly, the bulbs contain halogen gas that enables the bulb to become hotter and finally brighterThere are also bulbs that contain xenon gas that emits white bright light.


High Intensity Discharge | Xenon Headlights

Unlike regular bulbs, Xenon or High-Intensity Discharge bulbs have no filament. They function using a gas discharge principle. Light emanates from an arc of electricity that hops across two electrodes housed in a glass tube full of xenon gas. For HIDs to work effectively, they need the gadget to start the light and regulate its output. They are brighter compared to conventional filaments but costs a bit higher.


LED Headlights

Light Emitting Diodes have risen in popularity as headlights due to their low energy consumption and prolonged lifeThey are used as a dipped beam on mostly new, luxurious vehicles. They are also being used as sidelights and indicators in various models. If your car has conventional filament lamps, you can upgrade to LEDs.


It is important to understand the different types of headlight lamps to ensure you have the best headlights fitted on your car.


3 Types of Headlights for your Car



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