5 Easy Steps in Fixing Your Broken LED Lights

5 Easy Steps in Fixing Your Broken LED Lights

Misfortunes can strike anytime. The LED lights, even though built to last, can get broken. Automotive LED lights are mainly broken when moisture finds its way and enter their interior. This mainly leads to corrosion of the circuit boards and hence causing the resistors to stop functioning. The best part is that you can easily repair them and don’t have to get someone to do it for you.

 Car LED Headlights
You can simply follow these five simple steps to go about the repairing process.

1) Switch off the Vehicle and Prepare the Area

You don’t want to undergo any electric shock, right? It is advisable that you switch off the car. Carefully, open the trunk and remove the sidings. You’ll have exposed the screws and then you begin to loosen them. Make sure that you put the screws where you’ll easily remember.

2) Remove the LED Tail Light

LED Tail Lights

Once you have prepared the area, loosen the assembly by cautiously by pulling the light towards the rear. Before the complete removal, you have to ensure that all the related electrical sockets are out.

3) Open the casing


Absolute keenness should be observed removing the casing. This is because the process of removing the casing involves prying or cutting it. You can use a screwdriver to do this.

4) You can replace the LED Strip

This should happen after removing the lens from the casing. You can now remove the old strip and do the replacement. Ensure that you have checked the electrical connection involved. 

In case some oil is left on the LED reflector, it will create an ugly reflection hence there is need to be careful while handling the reflector.

5) Test the lights and seal the casing

After inserting the new LED strip or mending them where necessary, you can now do the testing. Connect the sockets and turn on the LED parking lights. You will be able to get the roadworthiness of the lights lest you get pulled over by the cops.

Last but not least, you can remove all the electrical connections. You can apply silicone around the casing and wait for 30 minutes before reinstalling the light to the car body. You can get most of the LED strips can be purchased online.

Final Thoughts

There you go. Automotive LED Lights are known for their high durability rate but they can be easily repaired or replaced. You can use the simple steps to go about the repairing process.

5 Easy Steps in Fixing your Broken LED Lights

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