Car Lights: Understanding Halo Headlight Rings

Car Lights: Understanding Halo Headlight Rings

Nothing creates that visual effect quite as a ring of light around the headlight. If you have seen this look in a car, then the thought that likely crossed your mind was “Wow!”. They are known as halo headlight rings and the first automaker to introduce this concept was BMW back in 2001. Since then the idea has caught on and is rapidly being adopted in Car Headlight Kit designs.

And headlights are not the only place the cool round rings can be found. They are also being incorporated in daytime running lights and turn signals. One thing is for sure, this design improves visibility courtesy of the stylish and elegant look.

Halo rings come in different varieties and understanding them means that you are will be able to choose the right model for your vehicle. Conventional halo rings are lit by two or three incandescent bulbs that are contained inside the ring. However, these come with all the quirks that you can expect from incandescent bulbs. They also tend to have dark spaces between the two bulbs which tends to reduce their visual appeal.

Car Lights: BMW Halo Headlight Rings

You can take things a step further with the CCFL halo rings or the Cold Cathode Fluorescent Cathode tubes. By using a gas instead of incandescent bulbs, they are able to produce an even lighting feature throughout the tube. The resulting light is also of a higher quality being whiter and brighter.

And nothing would be worse than burn stains on the halo rings. While these may be common with the conventional halo rings, it is not something you will need to worry about when it comes to the CCFL halo rings. They burn cooler which means there are no hot spots.

One thing to keep in mind is that the CCFL type halo rings will require you to use an inverter component. Good thing is that they are very easy to install. And the great news is, you can control them from the headlight switch.

But what of the price you may ask? Well, you can expect the CCFL halo rings to be more expensive compared to their conventional counterparts. However, with the higher price comes a longer lifespan, more efficient power consumption and let’s not forget that you are easily visible by the other motorists which ultimately helps to keep you safe.

So, go ahead and add a stylish new look to your car with the halo headlight rings!

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