Why LED Car Lights Better than their Xenon Counterparts

Why LED Car Lights Better than their Xenon Counterparts

This debate has been there for some time. However, with the recent new development in automotive LED lights like new color range, the LED lights outplayed the xenon lights. The advancement of LED lights is moving very fast and it is being considered as the future of car lighting. Let’s have a look.

  1. Durability and Energy Efficiency

    LED lights are durable because it has a fitted mechanism that makes them shockproof. They have no moving parts when compared to HID lights that have couples of moving parts hence less durable. Obviously, the energy efficiency of LED lights is high than the xenon HID. Those that have used both of the lights can attest to this.

  2. Light Output

    Although the light output of the two almost similar, LED still has an upper hand. This is because they are the best for you if you are looking for intense light and glare. LED lights can produce up to a whooping light that produces a temperature of 6000K while HIDs produce 5000K. The level of temperature output is directly proportional to light output.

  3. Range of colors

    Both of the lights come in a range of colors, that’s a fact. However, LED lights have three more types of colors that the xenon HID’s don’t have. This puts them at a position of 7 to 4 respectively. The more colors available in LED lights are amber, multicolor and white spectrum.

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  4. Installation and Lifespan

    The lifespan of LED lights is five times that of xenon. This is where the LED bulbs TOTALLY outplay the xenon bulbs. LED bulbs have a lifespan of 25000 hours while Xenon lights can only manage to function to not more than 5000 hours. To install an LED light in your car, you’ll take no more than 30 minutes but it’ll take you an hour for HID’s.

In conclusion

There you have it. I’ll advise you to consider the LEDs over the Xenon HIDs. They have all that you’ll need.

Why LED Car Lights Better than their Xenon Counterparts

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