How Automotive LED Lights Work

How Automotive LED Lights Work

The development of automotive LED lights is considered as one of the examples of race-proven gadgetry. Automotive LED lights are only known to be found in posh cars. In fact, the lights were first used by Audi and then transferred to the R8 supercar. This took place in 2010 and since then, they have found their way into all the various types of cars to date. The revolution is still on and the future is still bright.

The main idea behind LED lights is efficiency. When combined with their convenience, you are assured that they’ll serve for the better.

Xenon Lights Operation versus LED Lights

LED lights use far much lesser energy than Xenon lights with an equal amount of light. The only difference between these two lights is coherence with the former being the best. This means that LED lights draw in less power from the engine and in the long run, less fuel.

How LED Operate

When a current is passed in the thin filament of the halogen bulbs, it emits a seemingly bright light. However, this will not take a long time. It will steadily degrade and fail after some time. This is not the same case for the LED lights. 
LED lights involve the use of photons upon a charge. The photons act as a cover or an anti-burn for the filament. The filament, hence cannot burn to ensure that it lights the LED bulbs for a much longer time.

The Brake Lights




LED lights are considered the best for brake lights. When compared to their Halogen counterparts, the exhibit a speed of 0.2 more in their illumination response. They can, therefore, give the drivers behind you a faster warning.

According to automotive engineers, the LED lights are designed that they can be able to prevent any impending accident. When traveling at a speed of over 80 km/h and you step on the emergency brakes, the faster illumination response can make the driver reduce his/her speed at 30 feet preventing an impact.

LED lights also make very clear turn signals, side marker lights and can provide vivid lights in fog. This is because they use a fraction of electricity of the regular bulbs and lasts twenty times longer.

Key Point

Automotive LED lights exhibit a very powerful light display. It takes the great team of modern automotive engineers to put their minds together to ensure that you see clearly as you drive. Until next time!

How Automotive LED Lights Work


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