How to Pick the Best LED Bar Lights for Car

How to Pick the Best LED Bar Lights for Car

Off-road enthusiasts will tell you just how much fun it is to drive that truck at night. When you have a proper LED light bar installed for better illumination, the fun goes up a notch. The right LED bar, however, will depend on your individual situation. Let’s take a look at a few tips to consider, shall we?

Ford F-150 LED Bar Lights for Car

LED lights for cars are by their design durable and will sustain shocks that would otherwise destroy even the toughest halogen light bulbs. However, LED light bars need to be extra strong. Off-road driving is no easy task and will take its toll on both man and machine. This explains why off-road vehicles are customized to be able to deal with the tough terrain.

The same principle applies with LED light bars. They need to be constructed from a thick and durable material for them to serve their purpose.

Amp capacity is another important factor to look at when choosing an LED bar lights for car. You want to avoid lights that drain your car battery. Naturally, LEDs use just a fraction of the charge that the halogen lights use. But there are light bars that use a significant amount of charge.

Go for a light bar with a low amp capacity to be able to provide you with long hours of off-road night driving.

Beam type is the third factor to look out for. LED light bars come with 3 main types of beams. A spot beam sends light to a single spot ahead thus the name. It’s best when you want to focus on a specific area as you drive. This is especially true on narrow roads.

The second type of beam is the flood beam. This is best when driving in open country where you want to spread light on a large area.

And then there’s the combo LED beam which has the features of both the spot beam and flood beam. It will come in handy when driving through different types of terrain with both narrow roads and open spaces.

Without a doubt LED light bars are an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors at night. The fact that they offer bright illumination means that you can see a significant distance ahead which allows you to avoid pitfalls and dangerous areas that could leave your car stuck or worse.

What’s more, they can even be used to enhance your experience by leaving them on when camping.

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