The 7 Advantages of Automotive LED Lights

The 7 Advantages of Automotive LED Lights


The popularity of LED headlights is unwavering. This new car lighting system has all the pros you can need in a car lighting system. When compared to all its counterparts, it has far many advantages. They are brighter, clearer and economical when compared to others. 

  1. Longer Lifespan

    A newly installed LED headlight will serve you for approximately 50,000 operating hours. Their Halogen and Xenon counterparts will only take you for 500 hours and 2500 hours respectively.

  2. Energy Efficiency

    Do you like conserving energy and using the smallest amount you can be able to? Then these headlights are for you. The energy consumption of these headlights is undisputed. They can only be able to take a minimum of 3 watts and a maximum of 7 watts. Halogen headlights will need 55 watts and Xenon will take in 35 watts. They are therefore considered very energy-friendly.

  3. Lighting Efficiency

    LED lights are built with greater strength and efficiency. They are, therefore able to give you clearer light than other types of car lighting. The H4 180W LED light has a powerful luminosity and can produce 6500K. They have also over 18000 lumens that ensure that you have a brighter vision at night.

  4. Cooling System

    LED headlights are fitted with an awesome internal cooling system that ensures that they don’t overheat. They, therefore, guarantee you a long service. To add more, they have a heat dissipation structure with aluminum hence an extra thermal control mechanism.

  5. Easy to Install

    You don’t need to drive into a garage and pay the mechanic to install these headlights. With a few guidelines on how to install LED headlights, you can do so on your own. It will not take you more than forty minutes to install them. This will help you save on time and money.

  6. Waterproof System

    They are 100% waterproof. LED headlights do not even allow a drop of water to reach their internal bulbs. They are fitted with 
    the newest waterproof technological materials. They are, therefore, not under the threat of rusting to the metallic parts.

  7. Come in an Array of Colors 

    These bulbs are for you if you hate the monotony of one-color lighting. They are designed in numerous colors that you can choose from. From red, blue, orange, yellow, white amber white, you are well covered and can’t miss your preference.


The future of car lighting is LED car headlights.
Get yours today!

The 7 Advantages of Automotive LED Lights

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