How to Upgrade your Headlights to LED in 4 Simple Steps

How to Upgrade your Headlights to LED in 4 Simple Steps

Let’s begin with a question first. Did you that know you can permanently transform your current headlights to the awesome LED lights? Well, I thought you should know. However, you can only do this if you have the appropriate materials. Let’ see how you can go about this.


    1. Find an LED Conversion Kit

      This step should only come after you have known your bulb type. If you don’t have any idea of the bulb types, they are mainly two - single and dual beam bulbs. The LED conversion kit should be compatible with the type of bulb that you’ve chosen.

    2. Remove the LED Conversion Kit and locate the Headlight Bulbs

      Cautiously, unbox your LED conversion kit because any simple mishandling can cause a fall. I bet you know how the kits are costly. The kit should consist of two ballast, LED bulbs, and wiring.

      Before you locate the headlights, the car should be secure with everything turned off. Gently, from the connector unplug the plastic wiring.

  1. Remove the Bulbs and Install the LED Bulbs

    Before you place the screwdriver on the metal clip, you should have first known your bulb type. Twist it in an anti-clockwise (right to left) direction and pull out the bulb once through. You can decide to throw the bulb and keep it. If it’s a halogen bulb, you may store it for future use.

    Now that the space is empty, you can now install the LED lights gently and be careful not to touch them with bare fingers. Twist the bulb in the opposite direction you did when removing the other bulb.

  2. Connect the Ballast and have a look at the cut-off

    The ballast connection should ensure that one end goes to the original wiring harness and the other to the new LED headlights.

    Before you can proceed in checking the position of the cut-off, power the newly installed headlights. Adjust the position of the lights with alignment screws and then secure the ballast. You can use plastic zip ties to do this. Finally, take a test drive and brag about your new LED headlights to other drivers.

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There you go. It’s just as easy as one two three. Everyone is shifting to the newly developed LED lights and they have taken the car lighting industry by storm. So, use the above steps to upgrade your car lighting system so that you don’t be left out.


How to Upgrade your Headlights to LED in Four Simple Steps

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