LED Lights for Cars — Are Yours Road Legal?

LED Lights for Cars — Are Yours Road Legal?

LED lights for cars first came out at the turn of the 21st century introduced in the Cadillac Deville model. In the years to come, car manufacturers would discover the amazing advantages and make the transition from incandescent light bulbs.

More and more car makers are switching over. Even those that have been slow to replace their incandescent models now are left with no choice if they want to keep up with the competition. And the competition means that cars are simply looking better with LED lights.

Replacing your incandescent car lights with LEDs is a simple task. Can you hold a screw driver? Then you are qualified! If you are a DIY enthusiast then this is something that you will probably be looking forward to.

Dodge Ram LED Headlight Conversion

When installing the LED lights for cars, you need a conversion kit which will help you achieve the right angle. This angle often means facing slightly downwards. Otherwise, they may shine directly onto other drivers on the road, blinding them and causing risk of something going terribly wrong.

As you choose your LED car lights, always make sure you buy them from a well-known and reliable manufacturer. They should be first and foremost road and street legal.

Be careful when buying retrofits as some are not road legal. Check your state laws on car lights and choose LED lights based on the information. One thing’s for sure, the fact that they burn cool, light quicker and brighter while consuming less energy makes them a terrific choice.

Let’s not forget the cool factor which is highly important. Everyone wants their vehicle to look good. However, cool will often come with a higher price tag. But think of it this way, a higher price often means good quality.

It gets real though! Suppose you were using off-road LED tail lights and your car got hit at the back by another motorist. If your insurer determined that the LED tail lights were not road legal, you would not get compensated. You could also end up on the wrong side of the law.

But how do you determine whether your LED car lights are street legal? While it does depend on your state or country there are some basic rules. Car headlights, for example, should allow you to see around 150 meters ahead. Too much brightness may blind other oncoming motorists which would often mean that they are not road legal.

Keep in mind that the generally accepted light color is either yellow or white. Some LED headlights may be too blue which is also not street legal.

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