LED vs HID – The One to Go For

LED vs HID – The One to Go For

Are you in a dilemma when choosing your ideal car headlights? Then, don’t worry. This article got you covered. The debate between these two car lights has been there for some time with everyone trying to bring forth his/her argument on their preferences. For a fact, all the two headlights are awesome on their own ways. 
However, one of them is better than the other when you put some specific considerations in place. In this case, I will go with the LED headlights. Let me explain why LED lights are the one to go for.

The Future of Car Lighting industry is in LED

The recent technological developments of automotive LED lighting just got better. New technologies are continuously being developed day by day with the aim of revamping LED lights. The use of HID lights continues to shrink while LED lights increasing and getting better daily. In order to not to be left out, who would go for something that usage and value is deteriorating daily? The future is here!



Durability and Efficiency of Usage

It is true that the two types of headlights are durable and efficient. However, LED lights are soaring in a whole new level which clearly outplays HIDs. The moving parts in LED are many to ensure that there is effectiveness in their functionality. This cannot be compared to HID. LED headlights are able to use the minimum amount of energy but with the perfect long-lasting quality output, unlike the HIDs that does the vice versa.

The Cons

Nothing is always perfect. There’s even a black spot on the brighter sun! The number one fact about LED is that they don’t provide glare as HIDs. However, you can always upgrade. On the other hand, HID headlights are so super-bright that can lead to road accidents. This is because the full glare can deny the oncoming drivers a perfect vision on the road. This has led some countries to make it illegal to use HID lights.

The Level of Functionality

The two competitors have the best functionality that you can always rely on when going for long distant night travels. The working hours of LED are 50000 hours which is twice the HID hence they will serve you for a longer period. LED has the right number of lumens with right separate ballast for installation hence optimum functionality.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Next time you go to purchase headlights for your car, give some priority to the LEDs.

LED vs HID - The One to Go For

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