Understanding Car LEDs — Basic Questions Answered

Understanding Car LEDs — Basic Questions Answered

LED lights may be a relatively recent invention, but they continue to find their way into our daily lives. Automotive manufacturers are gradually switching to car LEDs having realized the tremendous benefits that they bring.

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However, most people still remain in the dark as to how LEDs function. Today we seek to answer some common questions about LED lights for cars. Let’s get into it now.

How Do They Work?

Compared to the regular incandescent bulbs that we commonly find in older model vehicles, LEDs work in a different manner. The incandescent bulbs create light by burning a filament in middle of the bulb.

LEDs, on the other hand, contain electrons inside a semiconductor material. When current passes through, these electrons are energized and create light.

Are LEDs Safe to Use on Your Car?

It is proper practice to seek the help of a qualified auto electrician when dealing with the electrical system in your car. The fact that they produce bright light means that it is not a good idea to stare directly at them.

The great thing is that LEDs are actually safe to use compared to the incandescent bulbs. It is highly unlikely for them to burn your fingers since they come with heat sinks that dissipate heat.

Can You Dim LED Car Lights?

Normal standard led lights are not dimmable. However, you can choose dimmable Led lights. For you to take advantage of this, you also need a dimmer switch. You will get excellent performance as well as prolonged life.

Are Car LEDs a Cheaper Alternative?

Indeed, they are. Granted, switching to LED lights will require you to dig a little deeper in your pockets, but you will recover the initial expense. This is thanks to the fact that LEDs use less energy and are durable compared to the incandescent lights.

Incandescent light bulbs have a lifespan of around 2000 hours. Compare this to LEDs that can last well over 25,000 hours. You save the money you would have otherwise spent on replacing the incandescent bulbs.

Why Do LEDs Flicker

The number one reason why car LEDs flicker is due to a lack of proper installation. The power supply is yet another reason. LEDs run on DC instead of the AC of incandescent bulbs.

To make sure that your car LEDs don’t flicker, you can get a driver that converts the current from AC to DC to provide the lights with a constant current.

The good thing is that most LED lights will come with a driver. However, in case there isn’t one, now you know what to do.

Are LED Lights Environmentally Friendly?

LEDS will consume less energy, especially when compared to their halogen counterparts. They also do not have toxic gases which means that they will not contribute to environmental pollution once disposed of.

Since they last a good long while, you will not have to get new ones while replacing the old ones very often. This makes them contribute less to garbage and litter.

Do Car LED Lights Get Hot?

You will likely feel some warmth from the car led lights but it is considerably less than with xenon and halogen car lights.

This is due to the fact that LEDs use up to 95% of the energy in generating light. The remaining 5% or less goes to generate heat. However, the opposite is the case with incandescent bulbs.

Switching to Car LED lights is an excellent choice. The benefits far outweigh the cons. Don’t let their initial price get you down, you have plenty more to win than lose by choosing LED lights for cars.

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