Why You Need LED Car Tail Lights

Why You Need LED Car Tail Lights

To truly appreciate why you need LED car tail lights, let's consider the process of lighting the halogen or incandescent light bulbs. When you press on the brakes, you complete a circuit. A charge is sent to the halogen bulbs. It passes through the filament and voila, the brake lights turn on after a fraction of a second.

A fraction of a second might seem like a very short time but depending on how close the car behind you is in traffic, it might just result in you getting tailgated. Why risk it when you can get a light that is brighter, consumes less charge and turns on instantly?

And traffic is not the only time where LED tail lights will help. When you are cruising on a superhighway at night at 70 miles an hour, you want the car behind you moving at an equally fast speed to slow down when they see your brake lights. A tenth of a second—which is about as much as it takes for a halogen bulb to light is enough for the guy driving at 70mph to move 10 meters. See what we mean?

Honda Civic Hatchback - LED Car Tail Lights

So, here are a few tips when changing from halogens to LED tail lights. First, apply silicon to the sockets. It will lock out the moisture and prevent corrosion. LEDs are long lasting but you don’t want other external factors affecting them.

Second, keep in mind that with the halogen installation, it really doesn’t matter which way the electrons pass through the filament. It will light up whether they are going this way or that. With the LEDs however, the direction of the current is very particular. So, test them out before the complete installation.

Okay… having LED tail lights doesn’t guarantee that no one is going to hit your car from behind. However, there is a second safety net to your advantage that you might not be aware of. In case of a halogen bulb, any contact with a hard surface will likely mean the end of its life. LEDs, on the other hand, are comprised of solid components that are resistant to shock. This makes them durable and you will not have to replace them quite as fast.

Modern cars are coming with LED tail lights. Other than being brighter, they also look good on the back of the car. This is one more reason why you need to switch over to LEDs. If your car is an older version with incandescent bulbs, installing LEDs will most definitely up its aesthetics.

What’s more, many years from now when you need to replace those LED tail lights, they will not simply give up on you and refuse to turn on. Most LEDs will tell you its time to get new ones when they start to dim.

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