Why You Should Upgrade to LED Turn Signal Lights

Why You Should Upgrade to LED Turn Signal Lights

As we all know, turn signals are how you communicate with other motorists on the road. You use them to make known your intent of either changing direction, changing lanes and sometimes when you want to overtake. It is therefore absolutely crucial that your turn signal lights are in good working order as they play a big role in preventing accidents.

One of the simplest ways of telling whether one of the turn signal lights is damaged is by the fast blinking of the signal indicators located on the dashboard. This is brought about by the less electrical load.

It’s quite obvious now that if your car still has halogen bulbs, you need to quickly switch over to LED car lights. This is especially true with the turn signal lights. Most of the LED turn signal lights are situated either at the side or much further down than other LED auto lights. This makes them prone to damage from getting knocked by objects.

That is...if they were not built to last. Incandescent bulbs will quickly come to the end of their life if they are broken. LED turn signal lights can withstand a lot of external pressure which makes them durable. You save on your cash as well as you do not have to replace them regularly. And you’ve got to admit how sleek the car looks with those LED turn signal lights on. It will definitely raise your car’s aesthetics.

One great benefit of LED Turn Signal Lights is that they are bright. This makes it that that much easier for you to be seen by the other motorists allowing them to give you way or act accordingly.

The high number of vehicles in our cities means that there will almost always be a time when you are stuck in traffic. One of the easiest ways to collide with another car is when your turn signal lights cannot be seen clearly. The fact that LED turn signal lights are bright makes them simple to spot. This allows you to maneuver easily through the other cars which will also help you get to your destination quicker.

An important component that goes with installing LED turn signal lights is load resistors. Without these resistors, also called equalizers, you may soon find your lights flashing as if being possessed. The last thing you want is to be stopped by the traffic police.

The flashing is brought about by too much charge reaching the LED turn signal lights. For an LED to work at its optimum, the charge needs to be within the limits that the LED can handle. Too much voltage and the LED car lights would get burnt. This is why it is important to add a load resistor.

However, this is not a rule cast in stone and there are ways you can bypass the need to use a resistor. If you can lower the input voltage to the same level as the forward voltage on the LED, then you are set to go.

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