Honda Civic 2015-Present Ultimate Package For Headlights (No Fog Light) - CLDHON18HL

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Upgrade Your Headlights (Low and High Beams)

Item#: CLDHEH11 + CLDHE9005


  • HELIOS LED Conversion Kit (Low Beam)
  • HELIOS LED Conversion Kit (High Beam)
  • All Accessories Needed 

Did you know that each year, there are over 1,000,000 auto accidents caused by poor visibility in the United States? With CLD Ultimate Package you can increase your visibility and upgrade the look of your car in minutes.


There are two steps to install CLD LED Bulbs on your Honda Civic. The first step is to remove your yellow halogen bulb and the second is insert your LED bulb in the same socket. If you need any help please feel free to contact our technical support 1-888-943-4LED (533)

Our products are designated in Montreal, Canada and manufactured in our factory. Our specialists team performs thousands of tests per year on all types of vehicles to allow plug & play installation. We offer you the best LED quality at a reasonable price. Our products are also available at thousands of physical sales outlets across Canada and the United States.

Drop your old, yellow, blurry and inefficient halogen bulbs by converting to LED today.