Street Legal LED Emergency Lights

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Car Lighting District is known for it's beautiful LED Conversion kits meant to increase safety and visibility for all drivers on the road. Now, we've entered a whole new segment of safety and security - Street Legal LED Emergency Lights.

Permanent Bolt-On, Stick-On and temporary magnetic mounting options are offered with our ECE R65 LED Emergency lights, as well as direct 12V wiring or removal 12V cigarette inlet connection.

Street Legal LED Emergency LightsStreet Legal LED Emergency Lights

Please feel free to reach out to one of our certified technicians if additional assistance is required before purchasing.

What is R65 approved?

Class 1 ECE R65 approved lamps are lighting equipment consisting of a single level of luminous intensity. Our Class 1 approved lamps can be used by vehicles for danger or warning signals on the lanes and can be deployed by private or public vehicles without government authorization.

Street Legal LED Emergency Lights


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Product details
  • LED Count: 3x 3W to 24x 1.5W LED Chips (depending on model)
  • Color Temperature: Amber
  • Power Consumption: 9W or 18W (depending on model)
  • Voltage: DC 9-30V
  • Protection Class: IP67
  • Compliance: ECE R65/R10, SAE J595 Class 1, SAE J845 Class 1, CAP 168
  • Flash Pattern: 7 or 26 Flash Patterns (depending on model)
  • Mounting: Bolt-On, Magnetic or 3M Dual-Sided Tape (depending on model)
  • Connection: 12V Cigarette or 12V Wired (depending on model)
  • 3-year warranty
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