Switchback Parking & Front Turn Signal LED Light Bulbs

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Switchback Parking & Front Turn Signal LED Replacement Bulbs (2 Bulbs)

These high-power Switchback front turn signal LED bulbs have several utilities on a vehicle. They are used for turn signals, parking lights & running lights. Switchback bulbs illuminate white when in Drive & flash amber when engaging a turn signal. The bulbs may show and a message will appear on your dashboard. In this case, we have a solution. You just have to install either a resistor for each bulb or a decoder (depending on the vehicle model).

Each car is equipped with lights to signal the other vehicles of all shifting. These are very important lights for the safety of the driver but also for other drivers on the road. It is substantial for the safety of all drivers to have reliable and functional lights. We advise you to change your light bulbs for LEDs to drive safely.


  • Color: white (6000K)
  • Power Consumption: 30W
  • Maximum luminous intensity: 720 lumens
  • Light Output: 360˚
  • LED Type: LED Chip 6x