A Story About Halogen vs HID vs LED Headlights

Halogen vs HID vs LED Headlights

Halogen vs HID vs LED 

Let us tell you the facts about Halogen vs HID vs LED. You make your own judgment. A Story About Halogen vs HID vs LED Headlights


  • Halogen: 200-400 h
  • HID: 2 500 h
  • Car Lighting District LED: +30,000 h

  • Halogen: 700 lumens
  • HID: 6600 lumens
  • Car Lighting District LED: 8000-12 000 lumens
(Note: The higher the lumens, the brighter the headlights are)

  • Halogen: It depends
  • HID: No
  • Car Lighting District: Yes IP67 certified

  • Halogen: No 
  • HID: No
  • Car Lighting District LED: Yes, we provide Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty and lifetime support.

UV Radiation
  • Halogen: No
  • HID: Yes. This is what most people complaining about blinding oncoming drivers
  • LED Car Lighting District: No UV Radiation. Way less likely blinding oncoming drivers. At the same time, provide better visibility when driving at night. Better visibility means more time to react to an unexpected situation. It leads to avoid more car accidents. (Note: Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation is harmful to human eyes)

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  • Mike

    What is the Kevin number?

  • Ranie Basaliza

    Hey Guys. Thinking about purchasing Led for my headlights. I have a 2013 dodge dart, Would I need any decoders or resistors? Or can I just get G7 8000LM Kit : 9012?
    Thank you

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