Be Safe in all Types Of Weather with CLD LED Fog Lights!

Be Safe in all Types Of Weather with CLD LED Fog Lights!

Don’t be blinded by bad weather conditions…

Driving in fog, heavy rain, or driving snow can be a challenge at the best of times.


Brilliant white light and very bright...

The light conversion kit G7 Fog Light Kit allows you to drive safely in nasty weather.

Scion FRS - LED Fog Lights for Cars

And because fog lights are mounted very low, and throw a lot of light, these lights won’t reflect back into your field of vision.

Also, the color given off by the G7 LED Fog Light Kit is a nice bright white (6500K) that covers the road perfectly...

So you'll see a noticeable difference driving in wicked weather.

Why not gear up your car to have better lighting performance and improved visibility without blinding yourself or oncoming vehicles in any road condition.

And with “plug-and-play” installation, they’re quick and easy to install without having to modify your vehicle.

Plus, they’ve been tested for durability, impact resistance, and resistance to various weather conditions.

Ford F150 LED Fog Lights

The entire process simple and straightforward…

  1. Enter the Make, Model and Year of your car…
  2. And you will be given the correct LED kit you’ll need to convert your car into our stylish, safe and industry-leading G7 Fog Light Kit.

So rest easy and save, with a company who strives to keep style and safety their driving force!


Be Safe in all Types Of Weather with CLD LED Fog Lights

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