HELIOS: The Best-LED Conversion Kit for your Car

HELIOS: The Best-LED Conversion Kit for your Car

HELIOS: The best-LED Conversion Kit for your Car

If you're trying to increase your visibility when driving you're in the right place. Shopping for LED replacement headlights is a little difficult. The reasons why is because there are so many products offered at the different price range. Car Lighting District is specialized in automotive LED and we developed for you the ideal solution to replace your car headlights at low cost.

HELIOS LED Conversion kit has been designed in Canada with many functionalities that increase its durability and make it the best LED headlight conversion kit on the market. Our engineers conceived it to be the best-performing LED headlights for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Unlike with Xenon and Halogen types of headlight bulbs, LED’s light up instantly and don’t have to warm up.

Helios LED Conversion Kit Components

100% Plug & Play on Any Car 

First, HELIOS is 100% plug and play on almost every car. When you navigate our website the easiest way to buy headlights is using our searching tool that contains thousands of vehicles information. You will get the right kit for your car and if any accessories are needed for the installation you won't have to worry about it. With HELIOS LED Kit you won't get any error code, flickering or radio interference once installed. Installing HELIOS on your car is easy as changing any original bulbs because it gets inserted in the same socket and plugged in the original connection without the need for any additional wire.  

Volkswagen Jetta: Helios LED Headlights

High Standard Components 

Components of the HELIOS LED Conversion kit are 100% authentic, that's the common trap when you buy replacement LED bulbs. We use only chips that come directly from CREE or LUMILEDS and those LED chips are not copies. Be aware of this information when you are shopping for your new headlights bulbs. All components used to make the HELIOS are optimized to have a product that will perform during all seasons and to increase its longevity. HELIOS is backed by an advanced dual ball bearing fan technology that cools every component perfectly. 


Increase Your Visibility and Upgrade the Look of your Car

HELIOS is also optimized to project the good beam pattern once installed. The objectives of installing new LED lights is to increase your visibility without being a danger to other drivers. Installing LED upgrade the look of your car instantly, let go of those old yellow halogen lights and take care of your vehicle.

Increase your visibility with LED for your car shop at cldled.com

Lifetime Warranty

HELIOS is covered by a lifetime warranty and once installed if you have any troubles, we will send you a brand new LED conversion kit.

Don’t put your safety at risk...

Hazy headlights on your vehicle mean riskier nights on the roads.

The “state-of-the-art” HELIOS Headlight Kit!

Convert your hazardous, hazy halogens to stylish and safe HELIOS...

Most cars come equipped with lower quality, fast-fading halogen headlights.

But when they blur, haze and yellow they no longer provide adequate lighting.

However, it’s a different story with our LED HELIOS Headlight Kit

The unique design allows for remarkable heat control which saves energy and allows our LEDs to last up to 50 times longer than the factory installed halogen bulbs.

Not only that, with a faster illumination time, our LEDs allow other vehicles an extra 28 feet to see you approaching.

Safety and style have never been this simple...

With “plug-and-play” installation they're quick and easy to install without having to modify your vehicle.

You can rely on the HELIOS Headlight Kit to provide greater security, increased light outputreduced eye strain and better night or fog visibility

...and they’ll give your car that sleek, sophisticated style.

...but these kits are popular and will sell fast - so act today!

Style and Safety Is Our Driving Force! 😎


HELIOS: The Best LED Conversion Kit for your Car


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  • Charles Daniels ago

    Does Helios give me a true low/high beam? I’ve tried other brands and found out after I installed them that there were no different between high and low beam. I’m looking at the H13.
    Awaiting your reply. Thanks


    est ce que il y a un kit del conversion pour le glob h4
    j’suis un client de rt

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