How To Install LED Headlights and Fog Light On Your Car

How to Convert your Halogen Headlights and Fog Light to LED Bulbs

LED Headlights Fog Lights Installation

Step 1

Go to our database, CLDLED.COM to find the right LED Conversion Kit for your car. We made sure that we provide you with over 50 000 vehicles information that way you don't need to look out anywhere else to find the right LED bulbs for your make and model.

The two possible results for headlights are as follows:

1) Low Beam headlamp & High Beam headlamp - the high and low beams use two separate bulbs

2) High & Low Beam headlamp - the high and low beams are combined in one bulb

Those results depend on the automotive constructor bulb fit used on your make and depending on the car you might need to purchase two separate kits to convert your high and low beams.

You will also see on the result page that you can convert many other halogen bulbs. By scrolling down you will see all available bulbs by Car Lighting District for your car.

Step 2

Before to start the installation make sure the engine is off and keys are removed from ignition.

Once you receive your LED headlights, pop the hood and locate your headlights bulbs. If you have two separates bulbs make sure to differentiate Low from High beams.

For most cars, the installation process won't need to remove any other components to access to the bulbs it will be as easy as changing the original bulbs. 

Remove the old bulbs, put in place your CLD bulbs in the same original socket and plug the LED wire to your original plug. You will receive 3M tape and tie-wrap to make sure the LED driver is located in the area and won't be moving while you're driving.

Make sure to not touch the LED chips with your hands during the installation.


Most cars are made this way and do not require to remove anything else in your car.

HELIOS LED CONVERSION KIT INSTALLATION ON RAM 1500 (installation 10% of vehicles)

We used the "most complicated" car in this video that way you can see how it is easy to install LED headlights and foglight on your pick up.

 How To Install LED Headlights and Fog Light On Your Car


  • LED Outfitters

    I Found LEDs are much cooler, almost emit no forward heat and are made with epoxy lenses, not glass, and are much more resistant to breakage. Better option than Traditional Lights.

  • Steven Steinbaum

    Will you be making headlights for the Honda 2018 CR-V EX?

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