LED Underbody Lights

LED Underbody Lights

Give Your Car A New Glow With LED Underbody Lights

There is something oddly different about light emanating from the inside. It reflects the pent-up energy and a feeling of being alive. Not to mention that it certainly does make something stand out. When you put underbody LED lights on your car, it seems to be something straight out of a Transformers movie…like it would suddenly change and push other vehicles out of its way. If you want your car to stand out when the sun goes down, LED underbody lights are the way to go.

The basic design of LED lights means that they can be placed almost anywhere. Coming in a variety of shapes from strips to tubes, they can fit in any tiny space whether it’s behind the wheel, inside engine bays or even around brake rotors. And let’s not forget that they can take a tremendous amount of shock making them highly durable. These qualities are what makes them ideal as underbody lights.

Are you concerned about your budget? Don’t be! There are plenty of options to choose from which means that anyone can find something that works for them. For example, there are the pod style lights that can be screwed on any part of your car. They consist of a tough housing and provide a decent amount of glow.

You also have the option of choosing between different LED underbody light colors. Pick your favorite from red, amber, white, green or blue. LED tubes and strips that can be placed anywhere on your car are flexible enough to go through corners quite easily. Other types of LED underbody lights provide you with different color combinations. They are also able to flash as well as dim.

Another excellent option is the underbody LED Lighting Kits. Imagine driving in the evening while listening to your favorite music hits. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the lights could pulse with the beats? Well, you get just that with the lighting kits. They come with a control panel that will also allow you to switch to different color themes.

And do you want to really stand out? Then you will be pleased with the LED underbody lights that are placed on the base of the doors. These illuminate a logo when the door is open. Even Batman would be jealous! The logo is normally a car logo and will shine where you will be placing your foot as you exit or enter the car.

Hold on we’re are not done yet! If your vehicle has rims that allow light to pass through, you can take things a step further with the LED wheel kits. They feature a ring that is placed on the dust shield. This means that they won’t be rotating as the wheel does making your wheels give off another worldly glow. You can even complement the wheel rings with curved LED strips which are placed behind the wheel.

A few tips to keep in mind when adding LED underbody lights is the terrain that you are going to be driving on. Of course, underbody LED lights are designed to take a beating but some are more durable than others. If for example you mainly drive off-road where rocks and flying debris are always hitting the bottom of the vehicle, then you need LED lights to match. Go for purpose-built options that are meant to deal with this kind of punishment.

Did we mention that your options are unlimited? Now imagine being able to control your LED underbody lights with your phone? You can play your music and sync the color displays with the music. There are apps for Android or iPhone which you can download. And when you like a certain color that you see as you are cruising, simply take a snap of it and the mobile app will make the color flash on your LED underbody lights. Cool huh?

Awesome looks are not the only thing to look forward to with the LED underbody lights. The fact that they can be mounted on any side of the vehicle means that other people and motorists are able to see you from a 360

angle. This improves your safety as you drive around in harsh weather. With LED underbody lights, you have an immense array of options to play around with to your liking!

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