The Psychology Behind LED Ambient Lighting

The Psychology Behind LED Ambient Lighting

When you come across the term “Car LED Lighting”, you are probably thinking of sleek looking headlights and tail lights that are super bright. However, LED lighting is so versatile that it be placed anywhere in your car. One place where LEDs definitely take things to the next level is the car interior.

In comes the concept of ambient lighting! For those not familiar with the term, ambient lighting refers to LED lighting that goes beyond mere dashboard lights. These are lighting features that are placed on other parts of the car’s interior.

But how exactly does ambient lighting help? Other than creating that incredibly advanced feel, it also helps to create a cool an exiting emotional atmosphere, making you feel safe and comfortable. It has also been shown to result in less fatigue when driving while also providing a sense of pride.

You can find LED ambient lighting options for almost any part of your car. They include occupancy detections lights, brake lighting, night vision among plenty of other options. The concept behind ambient lighting is simple-they are meant to influence our moods whenever we step into our cars.

We often speak of dull colors or colors that are bright. This proves that color affects how we feel. The idea is the same with interior lighting. The fact that LEDs come in a variety of colors means that we can choose those that make us feel the most comfortable. Factors such as eye fatigue and staying awake and focused can all be affected by ambient lighting.

Take blue ambient lighting for example. It makes it super easy to find controls inside the car. However, it is not as comfortable. Orange LED ambient lighting is more comfortable but the brighter it is the more distracted the driver is likely to be.

LED ambient lighting may be more common in high-end vehicles but we are beginning to see a trend where lower cost models also having this feature. You do not have to break the bank to add the perfect color lights to your car’s interior. There are always plenty of options and customizations to choose from.

Since LED ambient lighting influences driver alertness, it plays its part in ensuring safety. You are less likely to lose focus and drive off-road.

Versatility is the name of the game with LED lighting. They can be installed on dome lights, backlight instrument panels, map lights, controls, on gear knobs, in door panels, and on displays.

What’s more, LED ambient lighting can be adjusted for brightness allowing the driver to reach the most comfortable hue.

One thing remains true, ambient lighting does have an effect on the driver’s psychology. While they can help boost your alertness when behind the wheel, the wrong lighting can cause a distraction which will only raise the chances of something going wrong.

Careful research needs to be done on the best colors as well as brightness. Once you arrive at the right choices, it’s time to turn your car into an icon of elegance and comfort with LED ambient lighting car.

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