Tips for Choosing the Right Automotive LED Replacement Bulbs

Tips for Choosing the Right Automotive LED Replacement Bulbs

How to get the Right Vehicle LED Interior and Exterior Lighting Bulbs

Original bulbs on your car lose more than 20% of their luminous output after only 2-3 years. Verifying and replacing your car light bulbs is part of the required maintenance. It has to be done to make sure you can drive safely at any hour of the day. Car Lighting District is the right place to make sure you are compliant to your local laws and helps you increase your visibility.

To make sure you great quality bulbs you have to look at those aspects before buying any automotive LED replacement bulbs.

  Helios LED Conversion Kit

Duration and Lifespan

Once installed, you don't want to worry again about replacing your bulbs and by using a quality product like HELIOS LED Kit you can make sure you will have the highest standard used in the industry. Because we used the better components to create HELIOS our most popular LED conversion kit, it is covered by a lifetime warranty.


The luminous output is principally the first reason why people will swap halogen bulbs for automotive LED  replacement bulbs. HELIOS LED Conversion Kit provides 12 000 lumens, it is actually just enough to make sure you will never worry in any kind of driving situation or any temperature. 

 Jetta LED Headlight Kit


You want to upgrade the look of your car with simply changing your headlights bulbs, you can do it with LEDs. The temperature colour of HELIOS is 6500K or pure white. The luxurious aspect of icy white lighting is also available for any cars on the market and not only reserved for high-end luxury cars anymore.

 Tips for Choosing the Right Automotive LED Replacement Bulbs

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