What are the Benefits of using LEDs?

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What are the Benefits of LEDs?

Light-emitting diode lighting (LED) is one of today's most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies. Quality automotive LED lights last longer, are more durable and provide much more quality than other types of lighting.


  • Energy Efficiency. LED lights can be 6 to 7 times more energy efficient than other types of lighting and reduce energy use by more than 80% with little-wasted heat.

  • Lifespan. LEDs do not burn out or fail, they experience ‘lumen depreciation’ wherein they slowly dim over time. With a longer operational life, LED lights can reduce the costs of replacing bulbs from time to time.
    • Halogen: 200-400 hours
    • HID: 2,500 hours
    • LEDs: more than 30,000 hours (Car Lighting District LED)

  • Environmental Friendly. LED lights do not contain any toxic elements. Other types of lighting contain materials such as mercury that is dangerous for the environment.

  • Durability. LED lights are also referred to as “Solid State Lighting” (SSL) as they are made of solid material without fragile filaments, tubes or glass enclosures. This makes LED lights withstand the roughest conditions. LED lights are resistant to breakages and are save from shocks, vibrations and any form of impact.

  • Instant Lighting. LED lights emit 100% brightness in a span of 0.2 seconds. This makes it about ten times faster than a halogen bulb. 

  • No IR or UV Emissions. LED lights emit virtually no infrared (IR) or ultraviolet radiation (UV). LED lights are less likely to blind oncoming drivers while providing better visibility when driving at night.

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