Single Row Street Legal Multi-Function LED Light Bars (6" to 20")

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Looking for a street legal LED Light Bar? You've found it!

Car Lighting District’s ultra-high end Street Legal LED Light Bars come in many different functions, strengths and widths. As with all of our LED Conversion kits, these LED Light Bars are fully shock and water resistant (IP67). No matter the conditions, these LED Bars are built to last.

Convenient versatile mounting is featured with all of our LED Light Bars. Various connection solutions are offered on the page of each LED Light Bar (sold separately).

Please feel free to reach out to one of our certified technicians if additional assistance is required before purchasing.

SAE/DOT compliance. Not just for Off-Road use!

Off-Road auxiliary LED Light Bars are becoming more and more common on the market. Car Lighting District’s SAE/DOT compliant Street Legal LED Light Bars can be used off and on road!

Half convex optics with automotive grade modular chips.

The half convex design is perfect along with HFL2 and HFL1 LED chips. Naturally, only high-end auto automotive grade LED chips are used, offering longer life span.

Patented optical design combine legal fog light and strobe light all in one.

Our Street Legal LED Light Bars are carefully engineered products by professional optical designers. There are 3 optional beam patterns for our 6 inch Street Legal LED Light Bar; auxiliary High Beam SAEJ581, auxiliary Fog Light SAEJ583 and auxiliary Fog Light SAEJ583 + Warning Strobe SAEJ845.

The lumen count indicated for each product represents the actual lumens, which have been tested in a professional environment.

SAE Driving Beam is designed for auxiliary High Beam and it is also excellent for general illumination.

Single Row Street Legal Multi-Function LED Light Bars (6 to 20)

SAE Fog Beam is designed for auxiliary Fog Light providing a wider view.

Single Row Street Legal Multi-Function LED Light Bars (6 to 20)

SAE Fog Beam + Strobe Light combines an auxiliary, wider Fog Light and an amber Warning Strobe Light.

Single Row Street Legal Multi-Function LED Light Bars (6 to 20)

(above image displays strobe mode color only)

We also have a 20" LED Light Bar that has a Street Legal High Beam, Fog Light and Strobe Light all in one!

Low profile & slim single row without screws on the front frame.

Low profile & slim light bars allow them to fit in bumpers and grills of a vast selection of vehicles. There are no screws on the front frame, which provides better waterproof and performance.

Single Row Street Legal Multi-Function LED Light Bars (6 to 20)

Versatile mounting and size options.

There are two mounting options on each LED Light bar, via either side mounting or bottom mounting.

Sizes include 6”, 10" and 20”

 Single Row Street Legal Multi-Function LED Light Bars (6 to 20)

Car Lighting District - The Brighter Way Forward!

Product details
  • Light Intensity: 718 to 6898 Lumens (depending on size)
  • Color Temperature: 6000k (Driving) Amber (Strobe)
  • Power Consumption: 20W to 180W (depending on size)
  • Current: 1.5A to 13.2A @ 13.6V (depending on size)
  • Voltage: DC 10-36V
  • LED: Osram Automotive Grade LED Chips
  • Protection Class: IP67
  • Compliance: SAE J581 (High beam) / SAE J583 (Fog) / SAEJ845 (Strobe)
  • Beam pattern: High beam, Fog and/or Strobe (depending on model)
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Various easy connection options (sold separately)
  • 3-year warranty
Installation Manuals